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Thank you for visiting So In Love With Icons! This is the icon/graphics community of me, frail_delusion.
All icons are created using Adobe Photoshop CS3. Common themes apparent in my icons are:
fashion, stock, scenery, animals, quotes, celebrities,music, art, t.v. shows, etc.
Some photos used are my original photos. I may not respond to all
comments, but I do read them!

- Comments are appreciated & preferred, but not necessary.
- Always credit!
- Do not redistribute my icons.
- Use my icons for livejournal only, please.
- This is not an icon sharing community. I post my own original icons only.

How to credit appropriately:

Credit goes to soinlovew_icons

I post occasional polls on some entries allowing members to suggest
celebrities, themes, custom quotes, etc.
To see all the currently open request posts,
navigate through the following links:

Valentine's Day Requests
Request custom text for my stock icons.
What's your favorite Starbuck's drink?
What celebrity would you like to see in future icons?
Request a custom quote.

If there is no poll in the entry, that specific batch of icons is NOT open for requests.

In order to view all past icon posts, you may visit the (ARCHIVES)
View the list of tags on the journal's main page (HERE).

I always credit. To see my resource post, click (HERE)



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