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So in love with icons
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19th-Nov-2007 10:37 am - Big left over batch...
I've decided to post all of my 'leftover' icons, as in the ones I never included in any previous batches.
This batch includes:
[16] Salvador Dali paintings
[2] Leonardo DaVinci paintins
[2] Stock
[4] Amy Lee of Evanescence
[5] Serj Tankian of System of a Down
[4] Daron Malakian of System of a Down
[1] John Dolmayan of System of a Down
[1] Shavo Odajian of System of a Down
[6] Instruments
[4] Jonathan Davis of Korn
[6] "Friends"
[1] Eva Mendez
[2] "Gossip Girl"

Comment, credit (soinlovew_icons), enjoy!

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